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A Penchant for Pink

A colour that has become so closely bound with femininity, it is no surprise that pink has been a popular colour when it comes to women’s apparel. In the context of the Kanjeevaram, where colours interplay within the fabric, the sheer range of pinks that have graced the garment is extraordinary. Cultural connotations aside, the colour pink has an aesthetic appeal that makes it a must-have in every person’s wardrobe. The versatility of pink lies in how its many variations can invoke a range of different emotions. The brighter and intense pinks represent passion, while the softer pinks symbolise innocence. 


Amalgamating between the striking tones of fuschia, magenta and hot pink, ‘rani pink’ is a hue that is as stunning as it is popular. As its very name suggests, this was a shade that was deemed fit enough to be worn by queens, its bearings always commemorative of celebrations and joyous times. Perhaps this is why Indian brides from all over the country have donned this magnetic shade of pink, from lehengas to sarees. However when the colour takes its form in the drapes of a Kanjeevaram, it is simply a sight to behold. This opulent rani pink saree with a green border is a testament to that. 


A gorgeous rani pink 


The beautiful shot colours that are produced as the warp and weft interplay, bring into existence pinks that would take your breath away.  Take this checked kanjeevaram saree that boasts a gorgeous shade produced from a shot of orange and pink. This dual toned shade of pink is simply a feast for the eyes and is especially beautiful when the light reflects off of it.


A shot colour of orange and pink

This captivating pink saree is imbued with the perfect amount of red, resembling the gorgeous hue of a raspberry. It goes to show just how vast the possibilities are when it comes to the shade pink.



The brighter pinks make bold statements while radiating regality. However, on the other end of the spectrum, the lighter and softer shades of pink exude elegance and sophistication.  The pastel shades of pink are known to have a very pleasing, almost calming effect on the beholder. When coupled with darker shades, they bring about a striking contrast, like this pastel pink kanjeevaram complemented beautifully with a navy blue border. 



Pastel pinks also marry effortlessly with other pastel shades as well, elevating the entire look of the saree. This pale pink saree with pastel checks woven all over is subtle yet stunning. 


Regardless of whether you choose to drape yourself in the more vivid or in the more subdued shades of pink, there is no denying that you can never go wrong with a pretty pink saree.